the quartet

Edding Quartet 2 ©Gaby Merz

«Playing on historical instruments, the Edding Quartet continues to surprise us with their beautiful sound and distinctive yet natural style.The ensemble’s virtuosity has to be heard to be believed..» Classic Magazine

Formed in 2007, the eddings quickly became one of the references for the interpretation of classical and romantic repertoire for string quartet, offering a fine and intelligent reading of these often heard works. Their use of historical instruments, particularly with the use of gut strings gives them a warm and captivating sound that has captured the audiences.
The first two discs recorded by the Edding Quartet – Haydn : Quartets op.77 and op.103, and Mozart: K.421 and the quintet for clarinet, served by the incomparable sound of Nicola Boud – released in 2009 and 2010 by the dutch label Et’Cetera, were met with enthusiasm by the international press.

Since their inception, in addition to the quartet repertoire, the eddings have heavily invested in larger formations of chamber music. They play regularly as a quintet, notably with the pianists Bertrand Chamayou, Alain Planès, and Boyan Vodenitcharov, but more importantly they formed together with clarinetist Nicola Boud, bassoonist Julien Debordes, horn player Nicolas Chedmail, and double bassist Damien Guffroy, the Northernlight ensemble who explores the major works from the classical and romantic repertoire for strings and winds.

The third release in their discography, released in September 2014 on the Fuga Libera, Outhere music label, is devoted to one of the great works of the time, the Octet D. 803 of Franz Schubert.
Since 2014, the eddings thus have chosen to concentrate on later repertoire, including Schubert, Brahms, Mendelssohn, but also the late quartets of Beethoven. The second part of this ambitious project, with the 13th Beethoven’s quartet and the Great Fuge, for the label Fuga Libera – Outhere music, has been released in 2016.